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Automatic Cover

This machine is mainly used for stranding 7-core steel strand, alumi
PND400/7 Bobbin High Rotation Speed Tubular Strander.
1.applicable wire coil specification pnd630
2.maximum speed of cylinder: 450R / min
3.turbine clamping and end shaft type pay off frame, with automatic stop function.
4. the new elastic friction plate tension control device is easy to adjust and not easy to fail.
5.adopt the caliper and pneumatic brake device, and the brake is reliable.
6. the two ends of the cylinder are made of supports, which are equipped with bearings; the middle is supported by a whole large bearing, and the large bearing is lubricated by new oil and gas, labyrinth seal, which has dual functions of lubrication and cooling. The lubricating oil does not need to be provided with a single oil tank.
7.the cylinder is made of high-quality steel pipe, annealed after welding to eliminate internal stress, then refined, and finally dynamic balance validation is conducted to ensure smooth operation of the cylinder.
8. the cylinder is installed on the bottom plate as a whole, and the equipment is easy to install.
9.the forward and reverse direction of the cylinder can be changed through electrical control.
10. the protective cover adopts push-pull and mesh structure.
11.all threading holes shall be inlaid with cemented carbide nozzles and wear-resistant ceramic nozzles, which shall pass through the guide roller and guide wheel to the branching plate without scratching the conductor.
12. the parallel die base is square and split type, and its inner cavity size is 90mm × 90mm. The distance of the die holder can be adjusted.

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