Planetary Stranding Machine

Anti-torsion Stranding Machine for Aluminum, copper conductor, insulation wire, also steel wire rope.

Structure and Tension of Planetary Strander Line

Tubular strandDifferent application for steel wire, wire rope, Cu, Al conductor and insulated wireer Line

Features of Our Planetary Strander Machine

Reliable production for high value cable;
Customized and completely tailored machines. The main shaft is a seamless tube,supported by double-row roller bearings on both ends.
Each cradle is engaged by one group of gears with the backtwist gear which is around the main shaft for complete back-twisting motion.This year system also eliminate of the cradle vibration in the case of cradle one-line connnection transmission and accumulated error onthe gear gaps.
The wire tension is controlled by Hysteresis brake,each wire tension is kept stable and balance through PLC control. The dog pin for the bobbin has spring inside,easily for loading and unloading the bobbin.

Ø250-630/6+12+18+24 Planetary Strander (Permanent magnetic tension,multi-motor rigid)

Model 250-315 350-450 500 630
Single wire diameter-bare wire Ø1.0-2.0mm Ø2.5-5.0mm Ø1.0-3.5mm Ø1.0-3.5mm
Single wire diameter-insulated wire Ø1.0-4mm Ø1.2-7mm Ø1.5-8mm Ø1.5-10mm
Max diameter of single wire Ø28 Ø45 Ø60 Ø60
Max speed of twister 120 rpm 120 rpm 105 rpm 85 rpm
Strander pitch 24-630mm 36-945mm 48-1315mm 48-1315mm
Max line speed 24-630mm 32m/min 37m/min 37m/min
Bobbin specification 250-315 350-450 500 630
Capstan wheel 630-1250mm 630-1600mm 1600-2500mm 1600-2500mm
Take-up bobbin 630-1600mm 1000-2000mm 1600-2500mm 1600-3150mm
Height of center 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm

Ø400-630 High speed planetary strander (Ground transmission/Multi-motor type)

Model 400 500 630
Single wire diameter Ø 7 mm Ø 8 mm Ø 10 mm
Cage speed 126 rpm 105 rpm 85 rpm
Stranding Pitch 48-1315 mm 40-1315 mm 58-1280 mm
Max Taping speed 500 rpm 500 rpm 500 rpm
Taping pitch 14.5-279.4mm 14.5-279.4mm 14.5-279.4 mm
Steel tape speed 146-376 rpm 146-376 rpm 146-376 rpm
Pitch range of taping head 14.5-279.4 mm 14.5-279.4 mm 14.5-279.4 mm
Specification of bobbin 400 500 630
Take-up bobbin Ø800-1600 Ø1000-2500 Ø1000-3150
Main motor power 11-37 KW(AC) 22-45 KW(AC) 22-55 KW(AC)
Take up torque motor 16-60 N.M. 40-60 N.M. 60-80 N.M.
Height of center 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm

Layout of Planetary Strander Line

Main Component

Prepared for manufacturing:

High strength steel ropes.Umbilical cable laying-up.Laying-up pipes and/or cables for off-shore conductors and umbilicals.
Armoring with galvanized steel wires.Screening with copper wires.OPGW cabling lines.Continuous trasposed conductors (CTC)

The Model of Planetary Strander Machine

Tube Type Stranding Machine For Cu,Al and Steel wire Twisting

Running Work Video of Planetary Strander Machine

Commonly Asked Questions

What kind of cable machinery you need?

    Do you have planetary stranding machine for OPGW cable?


    This machine is mainly used in stranding Al-clad steel cable, OPGW and Fibre Optic Submarine Cable, steel cored Al stranded wire, and bare Cu and Al wire.

  • What are the different uses of Planetary strander?


    Planetary strander is mainly used for stranding control cable, signal cable, computer cable, etc., which can be used for twisting steel core aluminum strand, bare copper, bare aluminum wire, etc.

    2.Difference from rigid strander:

    The difference of this machine compared to the tubular or rigid strander is that reels carrying the wires that form the conductor, are able to rotate and translate avoiding unwanted torsions and twisting that are critical in the application of wire shields. The speed of these machines is not comparable to the speed of bunchers.

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