Double Twist Buncher

High Speed Bow Twister for ABC or aerial cable.

Main Tension and Structure

Professional for ABC cable production

Skip Stranding Machine

Small cross section insulated wire or ACSR cable. Max rotating speed is 1100r/min.

Bow Type Laying-up Machine

Max 160r/min for upto 120mm2 aerial cable.

Independent Motor Driving

Each stranding cage, haul-off and take-up drive by individual motor

Features of our Tubular Stranding Machine

(1) Using carbon fiber synthetic twisting bow, which is strong and can ensure high-speed rotation;
(2) Each part of the whole machine (twisting bow, traction, take-up) is driven by independent motors;
(3) The sound insulation adopts a closed safety cover with low noise under 85db;
(4) Stepless pitch adjustment which can be set on the touch screen;
(6) With compression device for stranding wires;
(7) The take-up tension is controlled by an independent motor;
(8) Adopt precision type take-up tension control system;
(9) The electromagnetic brake is used for braking which can automatically brake and stop when the internal and external wires are broken or various failures.

Technical Parameter

Modle SJ800 SJ1000 SJ1250
types of Wire products used to produce communication cable,computer,instrument cables
finshed wie dia. 8mmΦ/max 8mmΦ/max copper wire 3-10mmΦ PVC 5-15mmΦ
twisting sec.area 0.8-22mm2/max 1.2-38mm2/max 3.5-50mm2/max
soft copper wire dia. 0.38-1.6mmΦ/max 0.45-2mmΦ/max 1-2.6mmΦ/max
insulated wire dia. 1-2.5mmΦ/max 1-2.5mmΦ/max 2-6.5mmΦ/max
Line speed/Max. 150mpm/max
Stand pitch(mm) 17-200mm 20-200mm 40-350mm
Cradle flyer R.P.M./Max. 1200rpm/max.(24600TPM) 1000rpm/max.(2000TPM) 800rpm/max.(1600TPM)
Load weight/Max. 900KG 1500KG 3000KG
Standing Direction S、Z Direction
Main motor(DC/AC/HP) 22kw D.C motor 30kw D.C motor 55kwD.C motor
Drive of capstan(DC/AC/HP) 11kwD.C motor 15kw D.C motor 30kwD.C motor
Drive of take-up unit(DC/AC/HP) 3.7kw D.C motor 5.5kw D.C motor 7.5kwD.C motor
Drive of traverser 0.75kw  Inverter motor
Drive of liading&unloading 0.75kw reducer motor 0.75kw reducer motor 1.5kw reducer motor
Power control Digital type DC control
Revise system Line speed synchronous auto control
Spool bobbin size OD(mm) OD: Φ800mm/Max OD: Φ1000mm/Max OD: Φ1250mm/Max
Spooler size OW(mm) OW: Φ600mm/Max OW: Φ750mm/Max OW: Φ950mm/Max
Control system touch screen and LCD controller
Tension control constant tension control
Lay stranding pitch digital setting on the screen
Operating direction Left / right hand machine
Traversing width 550mm/Max 700mm/Max 900mm/Max
Traversing unit digital setting according to Wire diameter
Take-up type pneumatic shaftless
Reel loading&unloading motor-driven platform lifter,auto location
Brake system Disc brake
Bearing lubricative type Oiling regularly
Air pressure 6kg/cm2
Vogtage 380V   50Hz
Noise level 85db
Machine size(L×W×Hmm) 3750×2100×2050 4300×2200×2200 6000×2200×2200
Weight 4900kg 6500kg 13500kg

Layout of Double Twist Buncher

Main Component

Application for:

Multistrand copper wire, aluminum wire, tinned copper conduct etc.
Also multistrand power cable, data cable, control cable etc.

The Model of Double Twist Buncher

Tube Type Stranding Machine For Cu,Al and Steel wire Twisting

Running Work Video of Double Twist Buncher

Commonly Asked Questions

What kind of cable machinery you need?
  • Is two strand twist better than normal twist?

    Two-Strand Twists Are One of the Easiest—and Healthiest ...
    Two-strand twists are an easy, beautiful protective style with an added bonus: They can help lock in moisture. While flat twists work well on different textures, two-strand twists generally work better on completely natural hair as the ends usually hold together without additional help from bands or barrettes.
  • What is the difference between single twist and double twist bunchers?

    A The basic difference between a single twist buncher, strander or cabler is that a single twist machine gives one 360 degree twist in the wire or cable for one 360 degree turn of the bows. A double twist machine gives two 360 degree twists in the wire or cable for every 360 degree turn of the bows.
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