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Hysteresis Tension

This machine is mainly used for the stranding of steel ropes within 19 cores. The appearance of the unit is planned and designed by professionals, which breaks the conventional manufacturing process, has the features of atmospheric appearance, stable operation at high speed and low noise.
630/1+18 Bobbin Tubular Stranding Machine 19 Wire.
18 disc cylinder
1. specification of pay off tray in cylinder body is 510 × 56 × 326 (the buyer's standard shall be implemented)
2. maximum speed of cylinder: 600r / min
3. loading mode: end shaft structure, mechanical locking, safe and stable, not easy to be thrown out, convenient loading and unloading line plate, line plate is installed into cradle with the help of crown block in workshop.
4. the electromagnetic tension is used for setting out, with the tension of 10kg. The machine is stopped in the cradle for adjustment and installed on the manual operation surface, which is convenient for micro adjustment and is not easy to fail.
5. steel plate splicing welding and setting out frame, CNC cutting plate, using bending process, less welding position, large bearing capacity, boring after overall annealing, high precision, durable and unchangeable.
6. "ring touch type" and "bottom bar touch type" broken wire parking double protection functions are respectively added at the outgoing line end of the main machine and the lower part of the barrel side, so as to facilitate automatic parking after disconnection and completion of the line.
7. the cylinder body adopts 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 six section and whole pipe bearing structure. The support frame at the entrance of pay off is supported by double row roller self-aligning bearing, and a set of thrust bearing is added at the same time to ensure the bearing capacity of the axial movement of the cylinder body. The middle and outlet ends are supported by two groups of large bearings, which are flange butted and equipped with bearing core connecting pipe body, which is convenient for maintenance and disassembly. The large bearings are new Oil and gas lubrication: oil is supplied by single oil pump motor, thin oil lubrication, labyrinth seal, with dual functions of lubrication and temperature reduction. Oil is stored in the inner cavity of bearing pedestal, without single oil tank, covering a small area, and working condition is clean.
8. add: high temperature early warning, flow early warning of large bearing, double automatic shutdown protection function, to avoid damage to other hardware during operation in bad condition, and to get timely maintenance.
9. the cylinder is made of thick wall steel pipe, and the internal stress is eliminated before processing, and the dynamic balance is corrected after processing
10. main engine braking: two groups, two brake tongs in each group and butterfly pneumatic braking device are used.
11. the main engine adopts external wiring mode, lengthening thickened cylinder, 15mm through-hole, equipped with multiple alloy sleeves or guide wheels, so as to make the wiring more smooth, not bent, not scratched, not jumped.
12. the rear support seat, the middle and the outlet end of the main engine are all made of gray iron castings by EPC process, which can fully absorb vibration, reduce noise and have a beautiful appearance.
13. the main engine adopts the new front drive mode, the cylinder does not bear the torque, and the cylinder cracking is fully avoided. Toothed belt drive, effectively avoid losing rotation, ensure stable and consistent lay distance.
14. the cylinder is installed on the whole welded base, which is made by special platform. After annealing treatment, it is processed by large-scale gantry milling machine at one time, with high mechanical strength, convenient installation and high concentricity.
15.the protective cover adopts the pneumatic up turn full closed structure structure, with built-in sound absorption board compartment, full absorption of noise, built-in lighting, with the functions of open cover parking and infrared near parking, improving the protection level.
16. the space for the reserved installation position of the stranding head, parallel die base and the straightener shall be provided by the demander.


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