• Q What type of tension of planetary strander?


    We have mechanical friction and hysteresis tension.The online "hysteresis" tension control is adopted in the cradle, the tension is 10kg, and the individual controllers of each tension cage are adjusted centrally, so that the tension of the cable released on each cradle can be adjusted in time to maintain a stable and balanced operation.

  • Q Do you have planetary stranding machine for OPGW cable?


    This machine is mainly used in stranding Al-clad steel cable, OPGW and Fibre Optic Submarine Cable, steel cored Al stranded wire, and bare Cu and Al wire.

  • Q What are the different uses of Planetary strander?



    Planetary strander is mainly used for stranding control cable, signal cable, computer cable, etc., which can be used for twisting steel core aluminum strand, bare copper, bare aluminum wire, etc.

    2.Difference from rigid strander:

    The difference of this machine compared to the tubular or rigid strander is that reels carrying the wires that form the conductor, are able to rotate and translate avoiding unwanted torsions and twisting that are critical in the application of wire shields. The speed of these machines is not comparable to the speed of bunchers.

  • Q Is two strand twist better than normal twist?

    Two-Strand Twists Are One of the Easiest—and Healthiest ...
    Two-strand twists are an easy, beautiful protective style with an added bonus: They can help lock in moisture. While flat twists work well on different textures, two-strand twists generally work better on completely natural hair as the ends usually hold together without additional help from bands or barrettes.
  • Q What is the difference between single twist and double twist bunchers?

    A The basic difference between a single twist buncher, strander or cabler is that a single twist machine gives one 360 degree twist in the wire or cable for one 360 degree turn of the bows. A double twist machine gives two 360 degree twists in the wire or cable for every 360 degree turn of the bows.
  • Q What are the advantages of stranding conductor?

    Stranded wire conductors are preferred for: Conductor flexibility is much greater in stranded conductors, making them easier to install. Flex life is longer compared to solid conductors. Stranded conductors can endure more vibration and bending before reaching the breaki
  • Q What are the different types of stranding machines?

    Rigid Type Stranding Machine,rigid stranding machine,wire stranding machine|RLB.
  • Q What is the function of the stranding machine?

    Basket Type Stranding Machine is mainly used to strand not only copper/aluminum conductor for the electric wire and cable but also the cable core, steel core, and steel rope.
  • Q What is tubular stranding machine?

    Tubular stranding machine 1+6+12 reels - INTECH Italy
    The purpose of the tubular stranding machine is to obtain cables of braided wires, starting from the individual coils with single conductor diameter up to 4 mm. The line consists of two groups: a 6-coil tubular and a 12-coil tubular.
  • Q How to choose the freight forwarder in China?

    A Our company provides the whole process transportation service, the product + the transportation cost quotation gives you to confirm. If you have your own freight forwarder, we will cooperate with the forwarder to deliver the goods to you safely.
  • Q How to choose cable machinery if we set up a new cable factory?

    A If you have a list of machines, we can quote directly. If you are not familiar with cable machinery, we will evaluate the scope of your cable production and recommend the suitable machines to you.
  • Q Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

    A We are an integrated company of industry and trade. At the same time, we are a factory with 40 years of cable machinery manufacturing experience. You are welcome to visit the factory at any time
  • Q Do you provide turn-key&Warranty service?

    A Yes, Our warranty period is 12 months, and provide installation, commissioning, technical training and other services. On the other hand, we provide lifetime free technical guidance and low-cost parts replacement service.
  • Q Can your machine produce steel wire rope?

    A Yes, we have two types of machines that can be used in the steel wire rope industry, one is the tubular strander and the other is the planetary strander. The structures of the two machines are specially reinforced to meet the production requirements of the wire rope, and the price is superior to the traditional wire rope equipment.
  • Q How to get accurate quotation from us?

    Provide your wire diameter range and material.
    Provide how many wire to stranding.
    Pay-off and take-up bobbin size
    Pay-off and take-up stand form, like end-shaft or portal type.
    Special requirements for special cables shall be specified in advance.

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